Netfonds pocket

Netfonds Pocket, a trading terminal designed for smart phones and other handheld devices with web browsers, is found at np.netfonds.noReal-time updates of prices on your interest list are included on this page, and you are able to place purchase and sales orders. Since the application runs in the web browser of your phone, it is automatically updated. In addition, this allows it to work on on most newer phones except simple models and phones using Windows Mobile. However, for customers using the latter it is possible to install Opera Mobile to make the application work.


The predecessor of Netfonds Pocket, PrimeTrader Pocket, can still be downloaded as a an application to your phone here. However, note that the application in many cases is unstable and might not work on your phone. Instructions for PrimeTrader Pocket can be found here


Automatic quote notifications and order status via  SMS

Order quote changes and order status notifications via SMS.

Notification service

Our notification service applies for all securities and indexes we offer quotes for (currently Oslo (OSE), Stockholm (SE), NYSE (N), AMEX (A) and Nasdaq (O)). We provide four different types of price movement notifications:

Exchange close: Receive end quotes of a security after close. 

By set time: Choose a specific security and time, and receive quotes daily at the chosen time.

Exceed a set maximum limit: Choose a maximum limit for a security, and instantly receive a notification if it exceeds this point.

Exceed a set minimum limit: Choose a minimum limit for a security, and instantly receive a notification if it exceeds this point.

Your notifications for given limits will be automatically deactivated  after you receive them. (In order to avoid multiple messages caused by values varying around your set limit.) Visit this page to reactivate your notification and/or change your limit.

All notifications (except exchange close) regarding Oslo Børs are sent close to real-time. Because of this, you will be charged with a snapshot every time you recieve a notification for a security on Oslo Børs. However, if you have a subscription for real-time quotes, you are free to receive as many notifications as you wish. For Oslo Børs Main Index (OSEBX.OSE), the information is freely available from Oslo Børs, and you will therefore not be charged with a snapshot for this index. Notifications will only be sent on days when the stock exchange of interest is open, and are not given on weekends and holidays.

Netfonds guarantees that the notification will be sent from us as quickly as possible, but our tests prove that it may take a while before it reaches your phone. We are unfortunately not able to control this.

To activate SMS notifications, visit this page.


It is also possible to receive notifications via e-mail. This can be activated here.

Stock market quotes on SMS - only NOK 1,- per message.

Example: Send: NETFONDS NHY to 1933

The following information is sent back to your phone in a few seconds: 
Norsk Hydro (NHY.OSE) Last: 683.00 Change: 9.00 (1.34%)
High: 687.50 Low: 677.50 Volume: 1 471 859 Value: 1 005 876 413

It is also possible to recieve information about multiple tickers at once. For instance "NETFONDS TEL NHY TOM". (One message is sent per ticker, and all tickers are charged with the same price.)


Send: "NETFONDS VINNERE" (Gives top 5 on Oslo Børs)
Send: "NETFONDS TAPERE" (Gives bottom 5 on Oslo Børs)

Send: "NETFONDS VINNERE ST " (Gives top 5 on Stockholmsbørsen)
Send: "NETFONDS TAPERE ST " (Gives bottom 5 on Stockholmsbørsen)


Send: "NETFONDS VINNERE OSE 10" (Two messages with top 10 will be sent. The number can be adjusted as you wish.)


A new service that enables you to view changes in proportion to end quotes at Oslo Børs for a selection of Norwegian securities in USA. You will receive an update every evening at eight. 

Send "Netfonds USA" to 1933 to  recieve an update at 20.00 every evening. To cancel your subscription, send "Netfonds USA" to 1933.

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