About Netfonds

Business areas

Netfonds Holding AS (Netfonds) is the parent company of Netfonds Bank AS, a Norwegian bank, and Netfonds Livsforsikring AS, a Norwegian life insurance company. Netfonds Bank AS operates an online securities trading service for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and USA.

Supervisory authority

Netfonds is based in Oslo and supervised by Finanstilsynet (The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway).


Rolf Dammann is the chief executive officer and is a majority shareholder (80%).

Risk - Capital Requirements

Netfonds evaluates risk continuously, and is subject to the following significant risks:

  1. Credit risk, which is reduced through strict lending practice.
  2. Operational risk, which is controlled by strict routine checks and back up systems.
  3. Liquidity risk, which is reduced through credit lines from other finance institutions and high deposit-to-loan ratio.

For details, see documents below:

- ICAAP overview
- Annual report for Netfonds
- Quarterly consolidated accounts for Netfonds Holding/Bank/Liv

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