Primetrader v-7.0

PrimeTrader - fast and advanced trader application

  • Free demo - with no time limit!
    PrimeTrader is available for everyone, including non-registered customers, with continuous 15 minute delayed quotes. The application can be downloaded completely free of charge and can be used without username and password. 

  • Are you a Netfonds customer?
    If you are a customer of Netfonds, you can get access to real-time information free of charge for a week (delayed exchange rates are always free). This offer is only available once per customer. Order real-time quotes here. Customers will be charged unless the subscription is cancelled within one week.

  • Are you a broker or manager?
    PrimeTrader 7.0 is delivered with advanced functionality for trading with mutiple accounts. Contact us for more information.
  • Real-time Norway
  • Real-time international
  • Option trade
  • News reader
  • Automatic short trade
  • Intraday portfolio
  • Alarms
  • Full order depth
  • Overview of held shares
  • Winners and Losers
  • Intraday charts
  • History charts
  • and more...

New version 7.0!

New features in PrimeTrader 7.0 include:


  • Setup Wizard
    PrimeTrader now lets you generate and load a setup suitable for your needs and your screen size. The setup wizard will be opened automatically the first time you launch version 7, but can also be started through the File menu. The generated setups include for instance intraday charts, order book ("Market By Price") windows, etc. that are linked to a price information window. Also included is a small price information window for indexes with corrensponding intraday charts. 
  • MDI windows
    The Windows version of PrimeTrader now lets you choose between separate windows or an application window (MDI window) that contains all windows.
  • New and more useful Intraday Position window
    In addition to showing your profit intraday, the new Intraday Position window may show original purchasing price for all your securities, and calculate both realised (today) and unrealised profit. You can also buy and sell directly from the Intraday Position window (right-click on a ticker and you will be able to choose order form and more).
  • Easier to use on difficult, slow or expensive networks
    You can now choose to let PrimeTrader gather data in small portions with 2 seconds to 1 minute intervals. Choose "Customize PrimeTrader…" from the File menu to find these settings.
  • New built-in stylesheet
    Similar to "Night Trader", the new stylesheet "Wall Street" has light text on a dark background, but includes blue nuances instead of black. 
  • Right-click menu in all windows
    The settings menu can now be reached from all windows with a right-click.


For detailed release notes for each version,  please click here.

To fully take advantage of all the features in PrimeTrader, we recommend you to read our thorough user manual.


Download PrimeTrader now!

Choose version and download:

→ click here for Windows

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→ click here for 32-bit Linux

Or order it on a CD, completely free of charge. 

→ click here for a complete user manual!

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Mobile version

Our primary solution for mobile phones and similar devices is Netfonds Pocket. Simply write in the address field of your device's web browser, or click here for more information.


The downloads for Windows and Mac include an installation application. Open this and folllow the instructions. The Linux version contains a compressed tar archive. Open the archive and follow the instructions in the README file. Use the same username and password as on our website to log on. You will be informed automatically of new updates. PrimeTrader updates quotes continuously (streaming). Standard quotes are 15 minutes delayed. You can subscribe for real-time quotes for a monthly fee. Order real-time here. Please have a look at our price list.

System requirements


  • Processor: 1,5 GHz or faster (*)
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB, 2GB recommended (*)

Windows requirements: We recommend Windows XP SP2 or newer (Windows 8 is not tested yet).

Linux requirements: Versjon 2.6 or newer, glibc 2.3.3 or newer, GTK+ 2.4 or newer 

Mac OS X requirements: PrimeTrader 6.0 for Mac is a pure 64-bit application, and supports only Intel Core 2 (all models as of the late 2006 MacBook/MacBook Pro model). Version must be 10.5 ("Leopard") or newer.

(*) this requirement depends on usage, setup and processor model
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