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Tick: Company ticker
Last: Last realized quotes                                                                                                                
Buy: Highest price someone is willing to buy for                                                                                
Salg: Lowest price someone is willing to sell for                                                                               
Tendency: Development in NOK from last realised quotes the previous exchange day. 
Change: Shows change in percent since the previous exchange day. 
Opening: Showes quotes at opening.                                                                                                            
Low: Today's lowest realized quotes for this paper                                          
High: Today's highest realized quotes for this paper                                                                     
Volume: Shows the sales in NOK for all today's trades in the paper
Previous: Last realised quotes the previous exchange day.  

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Company Ticker Last Buy Sell Change Change% Open Low High Last Volume Ratio
Brent Oil Spot C-EBROUS... 69.43269.43269.478-0.358 -0.51% 69.66769.43069.68269.790--
Spot Gold C-SXAUUS... 1 330.4401 330.4401 330.890-1.760 -0.13% 1 332.2101 329.2001 334.9001 332.089--
Spot Palladium C-SXPDUS... 992.50992.50997.502.00 0.20% 991.96990.32995.64988.15--
Spot Platinum C-SXPTUSD... 957.37957.37962.030.37 0.04% 961.11956.00963.01955.94--
Spot Silver C-SXAGUS... 16.53416.53416.564-0.016 -0.10% 16.52916.49016.58616.555--
West Texas Interm... C-EWTIUS... 65.1765.1765.22-0.28 -0.43% 65.4065.1665.4265.55--
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