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12/01-2018 16:18:23: (DANSKE.CPH, E-DANSKC.BTSE) Major shareholder announcement . Danske Bank A/S

ly to the DKK 10 billion share 
buy-back programme launched by Danske Bank on 2 February 2017. Described in 
detail in company announcement No. 8 of 2 February 2017, the programme will be 
completed by 2 February 2018.  
The Board of Directors expects a proposal for the cancellation of the shares 
acquired under the share buy-back programme to be made at the annual general 
meeting to be held in 2018.  
                                Yours faithfully 
                                Danske Bank A/S 
Contact person: Kenni Leth, Group Press Officer, tel. +45 45 14 14 00Danske Bank A/S
Major shareholder announcements

Major shareholder announcement . Danske Bank A/S

Company announcement     Group Communications 
Announcement No. 3/2018  Holmens Kanal 2 . 12 
                         DK-1092 KÝbenhavn K  
                         Tel. +45 45 14 56 95 
                         12 January 2018      
                Major shareholder announcement . Danske Bank A/S 
In accordance with section 31 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, we disclose 
that at 11 January 2018, Danske Bank holds, through direct and indirect 
holdings, 46,833,456 voting rights attached to shares in Danske Bank A/S, 
corresponding to 5% of the voting rights of Danske Bank A/S.  
The holding of own shares is attributable main

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