Your money

Netfonds Bank is a member of The Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund. Deposits up to 2 million NOK are secured through the Banks' Guarantee Fund.

Netfonds Bank is also a member of the Norwegian Investor Compensation Scheme. The fund will cover any compensatable losses that Netfonds customers would suffer with up to 200.000 NOK per incident.

This guarantee/security is not valid for Netfonds life insurance accounts. 

Your securities

Norwegian securities are registered on a securities account at VPS (Oslo Clearing), where Netfonds is the registrar. Swedish and Danish securities are registered on an account at VPC and VP where SEB is the registrar. American securities are registered in DTC (Depository Trust Company) where Merrill Lynch is the registrar.

Secure communications

The information transferred between your PC and Netfonds is secured by encryption (SSL - Secure Socket Layer). Our systems are available at all hours. Should our computer services become unavailable, we will be available via telephone.

Username and password

In order to trade securities, as well as get access to your portfolio, real-time quotes and account information, you need to log in at Netfonds. During your registration as a customer, you are asked to choose a username and password. If you forget your password, please order a new one via SMS or call our customer service: +47 2315 8600.

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