Earn 4.5 % interest by your lending stocks

If you decide to lend your stocks, you will earn 4.5% interest on the lent stocks. Netfonds AS will be the borrower.  

Netfonds will communicate the stocks to customers who wish to do a short sale. When somebody wishes to sell short, i.e. sell stocks one does not own, Netfonds will check if there are customers who wish to lend these securities. 

In addition to 4.5% of the value of the lent securities, you will receive a fee of 0.2% of the stocks' market value.

The loan has a lock-in period of minimum 7 days.

When lending stocks, they are transferred directly from the lender's VPS account to the borrower's VPS account. At the end of the loan term, the stocks are transferred back to the lender's VPS account. Contract notes will be issued for both the lending transaction and the return of the securities.

Lending securities does not count as a sale when reporting tax. 

Netfonds guarantees that the lent securities will be payed back in time. In addition, Netfonds has taken out an insurance to cover losses. The security covers NOK 200. 000 per incident per customer, with a maximum limit of 25 million NOK.

Yes, I want to earn 4.5 % interest

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