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Saturday 24. March

Our services

Professional trading

Favourable interest

Netfonds PrimeTrader 
PrimeTrader is a professional trader application with real-time quotes where your orders are executed in 0.1 seconds.
Earn 4.5 % by lending your securities
You can make your securities available for lending and earn 4.5 % interest plus 0.2 % of the value at the time of lending. We lend the securities to customers who wish to go short.

Netfonds PocketTrader (mobile trader) 
Netfonds PocketTrader is a trading application for mobile phones and PDAs.

Netfonds OmniTrader (CFD - Currency and Futures) 
Instead of trading stocks and currencies directly, you can trade in the price movements of an individual security or index. In OmniTrader, you are also able to trade currencies and many interesting commodity futures. 

Financing with favourable interest 
Netfonds finances your security purchases with a favourable interest. The loan is granted automatically and secured with mortgage in your securities depot at Netfonds.

Netfonds Bank is a member of The Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund. Deposits up to 2 million NOK are secured through the Bank's Guarantee Fund.



Stock trading
We offer stock trade on the Norwegian exchanges, in the USA and in Sweden. This means that you have close to 10 000 stocks to choose from. You can also trade warrants and exchange traded funds.

RF 1059 tax form
At the end of the year, the complete enclosure to the tax form will be available dircectly from Netfonds. The document concerns both Norwegian and foreign securities. 

Option trading
Our systems have direct access to routing of option orders to the Oslo and Stockholm Exchanges. 

Morning report
Every morning, we publish a morning report. Read more.

Shorting – automatic stock loan
Netfonds now offers the easiest system for short sale of stocks on Oslo Børs and Stockholmsbörsen. Short sale gives you, as an investor, the possibility to earn money in a decreasing market. No additional fees apply for shorting intraday. 

Real-time quotes
Through Netfonds, you can subscribe to real-time quotes from Oslo Børs, Stockholms Fondbörs, NYSE, AMEX og NASDAQ.
Valuta, CFDs, Futures 
You can trade everything from oil, silver, gold, exchange futures and stock futures, to most cross currencies. Start with the demo, and test the application with fictious money!

If you don't plan to trade, but wish to stay updated on the quotes while you are absent, you can use our SMS service. The SMS service also enables notifications.

Mutual funds
Our web pages offer detailed information about almost  2000 different mutual funds. Amongst these, around 50 can be traded directly through our web pages if you are a Netfonds customer.