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More about the different settlement forms:

Netfonds Plus - Cash settlement directly from client account: 
For customers who do not wish to trade on credit. Cash must be transferred to your client account before you can start trading. When you buy securities, the purchase sum will be subtracted directly from the client account. Cash settlement when selling will be added to your client account.

Netfonds Trader with credit - Margin account: 
Netfonds can lend you funds to finance your purchases. The loan is granted automatically and is secured by your securities. Customers need to sign an extra agreement for this account - see terms and conditions here: "Financing and security loans"

The following agreements must be agreed to before you can open a Margin Account:  
- Rammeaftale for lån til erhvervelse af finansielle instrumenter 
- Rammeaftale for værdipapirlån

Netfonds Trader Intraday - Account with intraday credit limit: 
For customers who trade actively and wish to have an expanded credit limit during the opening hours of the stock exchange. With an Intraday Trader account you will be granted an intraday credit based on your cash and security balance at the beginning of the day. Currently, the money available for trading is three times your cash balance plus half the value of your securities.


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