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  • Customer portfolio
    Every customer at Netfonds has a customer portfolio. The customer portfolio contains one auto portfolio, in addition to a free amount of model portfolios

    The auto portfolio is updated automatically at the end of the day, and includes all trades closed through Netfonds. 
    Your are free to edit all transactions in borth the auto portfolio and the model portfolios, as well as adding securities or transactions performed through other services. 

    Note! The auto portfolio is a tool and, as a result of being editable, it may not give an accurate picture of your balance. Your accurate balance at Netfonds can always be found here. You can read more about the auto portfolio in an own paragraph at our help pages.

  • Guest portfolio
    A guest portfolio can be used by anyone; including non-customers. You are free to create as many guest portfolios as you wish, and the data you add can be real og imaginative. You can also create as many portfolios as you wish within one guest portfolio. The guest porfolio is an open and anonymous service. It is not updated by Netfonds in any way, and we are neither able to view its contents, nor view the owner of the portfolio.  
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